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When we cannot change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. A storm of global trends have come together to force shopping centres to change their offer and their role in society. The changing profile of the shopper, now much more astute and impatient, and the greater accessibility of e-commerce, is driving shops to offer customers a more complete experience, beyond just shopping.

Urbil understood this and asked for our help in initiating an inevitable transformation. And sure enough, we went to the heart of the matter.

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The key; strategy.

Our commitment to Urbil was clear: we proposed to focus on the shopping experience, on deepening the idea of transforming consumption into leisure, on being more hospitable to its customers, more attentive to their needs, more empathetic to their desire to experience special moments.

But what was needed was a verbalisation of all this, a concept that would express the new positioning and that would guide all the shopping centre's initiatives from now on:

"MOMENTS that matter" is the axis of a strategy in which the shopping centre must reinvent itself and offer the customer unique experiences and experiences.

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Through this new positioning, Urbil aims to establish itself as a leisure and shopping alternative where people can go to make plans as a family or separately, a centre of experiences that everyone can share and enjoy.

This new value proposition, which gives its name to a new way of living and consuming in Urbil, is based on people and their social needs, leisure and services, stimuli and entertainment, leisure and tranquillity.

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With "MOMENTS that matter", Urbil also encourages its own businesses and, above all, its customers to transform the centre experience; blurring the boundaries between vendors and users, between public and private spaces, between shopping and leisure, creating a new relationship between Urbil and new ways of living and connecting with audiences eager to experience multifunctional spaces.

The launch campaign, developed in the centre itself, in the written press, radio and social media, conveys the idea that life is not measured in minutes, but in moments. Urbil promises to become a shopping centre where these moments can be reproduced and where users can find stimulating spaces, entertainment to enjoy with the family and surprising experiences that they will never forget.

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Photo code: moments to remember.

The Moments that matter deserve to be captured in memory or in a photograph that captures the simple, shared enjoyment that Urbil provides its customers and that they will look back on with pleasure at a later date. This is why a visual code inspired by the graphic universe of Instagram was chosen, with prominent Key Visuals such as the squares in corporate colours that recall the frame of a photo, the "like" heart, and even the hashtags as a form of language. These visual elements help to identify Urbil's communication and express its new, more stimulating, fun and social identity.

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Urbil turns 18

In addition to the new Urbil identity, a series of pieces are generated in relation to the 18th anniversary ofthe Shopping Centre, all of them under the conceptual umbrella of "Moments that Matter" and its new aesthetics.

This celebration is yet another vehicle for Urbil to offer each and every one of its customers the chance to seek, experience and share special moments.

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