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The Mugaritz team, led by Andoni Luis Aduriz, presented us with a clear challenge: to create a brand with soul. At -move we worked together with them to lay the foundations of a project that for Andoni Luis Aduriz, as he told us, was "his dream". A vital creative strategy work for a brand like this, where it is essential that nothing depends solely on the sense of taste. From the design thinking sessions we held with the R&D&I team and with Andoni Luis Aduriz himself, after a participative and collaborative work, the soul we were looking for emerged.

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And from that dream, TOPA was born. First, with a name that united in a single word everything that Andoni wanted to convey: culture, exchange, new discoveries in every mouthful and at every table, at every bar, in the flavour of each dish... The reunion, at last, of people, roots and histories and of two cultures: Basque and Latin American.

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To this name, we added a reinvented surname adapted to the rogue personality of the project: SUKALDERÍA, and both concepts were then joined together in a brand story that defined the attitude and personality of the new Topa.

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The name was complete: there was the connection and the cheek; there was the history and the delight. We knew his personality, the way he was and did.... And now we needed to give it a style, to know how it should present itself and say "hello" to the world. To do this, we put into action our most authentic and manual creativity, the one with its roots, and we joined it to everything that inspired us about Topa, to the different worlds, cultures, traditions, pasts? We gave it appearance, flavour, smell, colour... and even music, and we presented it in the kitchen of Mugaritz, the place where good things always happen.

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After all this, a live show painting of how we had transferred this concept and everything it meant, to the graphic world of a restaurant, to the kitchen, the menu... Because if everything goes hand in hand, coherence would take diners where Andoni Luis wanted them to go: to the discovery of two worlds separated by thousands of kilometres, which are much closer than they think.

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