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Redefining the essence of the brand to be able to connect more and better, both with its loyal public and with those it wants to reach with a new and powerful internationalisation project. That is the challenge. And, from there, to discover what makes the brand pioneering, benchmark, special and competitive, to turn it into a new discourse, new products and new ways of being and telling.

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Building the brand

While a large part of the public that knows the brand associates it with mountaineering and the mountains, few know its sustainable spirit, its ambition to be one of the most valued brands in the outdoor sector for its commitment to the planet and people. And from there, from that sphere in which product and philosophy of life are mixed, the strategic rebranding of the brand arises. And not because we say so, no... Because it is in its nature. Ternua has been being, thinking, doing and saying that since its origins and today, that challenge is more alive than ever with the aim of competing with the best brands in the sector in any international market.

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Now that we have a defined brand story, we need to connect Ternua and its new narrative, not only with its usual audiences, but also with those new ones that we define in a brand targeting project, carried out as part of the repositioning strategy.

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New meanings, new designs.

The time has come to transmit this new positioning to all audiences and, to do so, we must act on the brand's visual universe. We thus set in motion a graphic restyling project that begins with the logo itself, covering each and every one of the communication actions and supports, impregnating everything with this new essence.

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In the digital domain.

Once the personality of the new TERNUA has been defined and converted into its own style of expression, we work on the different brand experiences that manage to connect with the public. Experiences that require immersion in different areas of Service Design, with tools that allow us to better define the type of future relationship that a brand like TERNUA should have with its consumers and users.

Thus, the web project contemplates not only the entire purchasing process, but also the need to define the user experience when making the purchase, redefining the entire content tree to align it with the new brand strategy. This tree is separated into two large blocks: online shop and brand content and, from there, we translate the graphic language into digital experiences capable of transmitting the entire brand ecosystem to the surfer.

Based on this language, we design the rhythms of the visit: from the path that the user will follow to discover the brand's universe, through the moment in which he/she will learn about the characteristics and differential values of a product, to the moment of purchase. This work relates the motivations of each profile with the brand's objectives, so that everything that is really important is present in an interface with accessible content. In short, we use technology to create a digital showcase with a solid discourse that connects with the user.

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Building community.

Finally, and given that we understand that a brand like TERNUA must continuously generate its own content of value for its users, consumers, customers (and potential customers), we implement different communication strategies that give content a relevant role to make it able to connect and build more and better loyalty with all its followers. Content supported by specific actions of sponsorship of events and people, which walk hand in hand with the specialised media and social networks as allies in the work of dissemination.

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A work of global brand redefinition that has allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the brand, making it our own, thinking about the what, the why, the how, the to whom and the where to. A construction that has forced us to go back to the foundations of a story full of possibilities, to go in search of the roots that make the brand essence powerful, in order to redefine them and increase their full potential.

Going backwards to rethink and reformulate the future.

And, with this new formula, to create a universe full of a new personality and a value proposition capable of reaching, more and better, all adventurous souls with an outdoor spirit who seek to connect with nature.