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Tecnalia is the leading applied research and technological development centre in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. Its mission is to transform technology into wealth to obtain visible and beneficial results for companies, society, our environment and, in short, for people. -move's work with Tecnalia began when this Basque company decided to combine the strength of 8 powerful technology centres and merge to create one of the leading applied research centres in Europe.

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Knowing how to imagine is Inspiring Business.

Inspiring Business was the starting point and, from here, we have done and continue to do a versatile job. Always on a strategic and conceptual basis, we generate creative concepts that help us to build the Tecnalia brand and, furthermore, to create products that have their own entity and their own path.

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Technology, a means and an attitude.

When technology is in the DNA of a brand, everything it conveys has to breathe that attitude. That is why, after 4 years with an image that managed to unite 8 different brands, giving them coherence and a common thread, -move has created a new brand identity for TECNALIA that represents its main message: it is not only about imagining the future, but also about creating it. And TECNALIA is capable of creating this future through technology. TECNALIA anticipates the challenges of the future to visualise, identify and develop technological, imaginative and creative solutions that add value and produce real results.

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This tries to transmit the new image of TECNALIA: a connection between the present and the future, connected through the value that technology brings to transform the present. An image that not only transmits technology but is created from it, as we generated the design from an application created exclusively for TECNALIA, based on the Open Frameworks programming language. This application allows the TECNALIA team to generate its own images and to be independent when creating a graphic unit in all its communication elements, both external and internal. This application has been conceptualised, designed and generated by -move, with its own digital and artistic management team and in collaboration with coders who have participated in its development.

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TECNALIA is one of -move's most complete clients, because of what its vision brings to us, its international projection, and the diversity and complexity of the projects we take on. An example of our strategic capacity applied to creating the creative and graphic world of a brand.