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Talo Urban Rooms

A new concept of accommodation in San Sebastian that combines a fresh and functional urban style with a different and welcoming design and service. TALO Urban Rooms is located in a quiet and well-connected area of the city that proposes that the place where you sleep is your point of departure, arrival and even meeting point, and that you can live it your way, with your schedule and your time. A smart accommodation that allows you to savour the best of a city like Donosti in a comfortable atmosphere, with a careful, functional and urban design but with an outdoor space reserved for disconnection and reunion.

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go to sleep!

We were involved in the project from the start, as beyond the branding work, at -move we participated in it through our Move AdVentures initiative. Thus, we not only worked on the creation, the naming and the essence of the new brand to find a graphic style and the premises of the decoration and the space from its origin, but we were also present in its gestation: we participated in the choice of the place where the activity would take place, we worked with the team of architects in charge of the project to think about how to preserve the essence of it... But let's take it one step at a time... First of all, the name. TALO means HOME in Finnish, but also, as a nod to our language and our home, "TA LO" means "to sleep" in Basque.

A mixture of cultures from which we have borrowed a bit of each one to define a space with a warm but resounding architectural style, and a functional but welcoming graphic design and image.

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A brand for a space.
A space for an experience.

We know what it's like to arrive in a city and want to feel at home. To want to live, to experience, to discover without pause, and to feel that you have made the right choice, that what you are going to discover can be combined with the best rest, to have the feeling that you will arrive "home" and be able to go over your emotions one by one to rest peacefully afterwards and wake up the next day... with the desire for more. That's why, in addition to creating a solid and sober brand that would welcome those who came to it, we sought an open and organic brand. And we achieved this with a logo that mutates, that changes and adapts to new shapes and forms each time. And, to this, we added the conception and design of different rooms for the different audiences of TALO and San Sebastian: independent travellers, couples, families, groups, business travellers...

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The architectural project, conceived and carried out by Maushaus Arquitectura and Teresa Meana, captured the essence of the brand to perfection, and expressed it through a zig-zag distribution that makes intelligent use of space, creating individual spaces that favour the traveller's intimacy. Likewise, the functional and welcoming style of the brand is translated into the use of noble materials that take centre stage in the decoration itself: wood, exposed concrete and tiles coexisting perfectly with very special warm fabrics, creating a harmonious whole with a lot of personality.

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