Santo Tomas Lizeoa

Santo Tomas Lizeoa (STL) is one of the leading and historic schools in the Donostialdea area. Numerous pupils have passed through its classrooms in its 62 years of history, and it is they, together with the good work of its educators, who are the best spokespersons and references for the continued success of STL and for creating a level of community feeling and pride that is difficult to find in other centres.

However, the world is changing, and the need to communicate has also reached the field of education. At this point STL is considering renewing its website, but the project goes beyond that, because the need to communicate always involves knowing what to communicate, and above all knowing who we are and what makes us relevant and special for our public.


A vast and unique territory

In the case of Santo Tomas Lizeoa, and during the immersion and strategy phase, many relevant attributes were extracted; an active centre, with comprehensive quality studies and a humanistic approach, among others. But from all this there was a differential in which we located our brand territory, as well as our value proposition. Because it made us unique. Because it made us relevant.

The opportunity. Or what is the same; to be a place full of possibilities.

aukeraz 1

An opportunity from different angles. Because at STL it is possible to learn, to grow, to get to know oneself and different people, to discover new paths and different ideas. All through an education focused on each student developing their own criteria so that they can then choose, and facilitated by the huge range of extracurricular options, activities and sports.

And having established our value proposition, we transformed it into a suggestive message, which led us to an aspirational world that showed that at STL it is possible to choose what you want, to be whoever you want to be.


Values that drive and lead the way

A value proposition that needs a brand personality that makes and will make it possible for STL to continue to be that place full of opportunities for its future students. Values that define but above all drive us. Values that guide us at a strategic level to make decisions in different areas of action.

patio_2 santo tomas imagen

The evolution of a logo

Based on the strategy and respecting who we were, we worked on a new logo to communicate the expansive potential of the brand. A new logo built around three symbols that reflected its value; the world of possibilities, the critical eye to be able to choose and the community to keep growing.

creation_2 logo santo_tomas

Much more than a colour

Orange has been the hallmark of STL, a colour that has reflected the pride of belonging like no other. In this case, as a nod to our past, we recovered the original orange tone. A much more powerful orange to which we added a secondary palette that would help us to make the brand richer.

santo bur tomas imagen
tomas vkey gif santo


We added the Avant Garde typeface to our new visual world and accompanied it with DIN Next for running texts, typefaces that stand out for their great legibility, a key requirement for a brand related to education.

santo_tomas_tipografia 1
tomas 1 imagen santo playng

And to show the renewed STL universe, we worked on a new visual world with an infinite number of options, which in turn helped us to convey the concept of the diverse opportunities that occur in the day-to-day life of the Ikastola.

tomas web santo gif
1 santo_tomas_min_stories
santo_tomas_textmockup 1
santo web2 tomas gif
posters santo 1 tomas
santo dossier tomas
santo tomas marquesina
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santo kidtote tomas