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If there is a challenge for today's companies to be competitive and profitable, it is to build brands that provide added value and respond to market needs in a real and effective way. This is how we worked on the SINNEK project: a new paint brand for bodywork committed to quality, efficiency, technology and colour. SINNEK was presented at the Motortec trade fair in Madrid and is bringing about a real revolution in the refinish market. SINNEK is the result of the knowledge and vision for the future of the team of professionals at Bernardo Ecenarro S.A., which with this new brand aims to confirm its leadership in the market and its commitment to innovation.

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The colour revolution.

We started to create this brand from scratch, taking into account the needs of a market that was looking for an effective and profitable solution for car body painting.

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We turned knowledge into strategic keys that allowed us to lay the foundations of the brand in a solid and coherent manner and on clear premises that guided the entire strategy and style of the brand: innovation, technology, efficiency and profitability .

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These premises were the key to the entire development of the brand: from its naming, a sonorous, international name that suggests technology and innovation; to the creation of a brand identity and a graphic system that is 100% committed to practical and visual functionality, which we then applied to all the pieces.

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SINNEK has understood the needs of its customers and has also opted for ad hoc tools as additional services, which we have also provided with an attractive and coherent image, in line with the brand identity.

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The future is yellow.

And as the customer experience is key when launching a brand like SINNEK, at -move we took care of launching the brand in all the media that brought it closer to its public. The launch of the brand was focused on one milestone: the Motortec 2017 trade fair. There, the brand was presented for the first time to distributors and customers and for this we worked around a clear concept: the future, a future in which SINNEK is the protagonist.

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