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Understanding sustainability means adopting a conscious and committed attitude towards the environment, society and people and establishing it as a brand and business culture.

In today's world, and even more so in the world of design, the discourse and practice of sustainability is an important lever for building long-term relationships between clients, designers and brands.

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The challenge.

Many sustainable brands, many ways and tools to tell sustainability... At SELLEX we had to find our own: the right balance to understand, exercise and tell sustainability in a brand where good design is the main value, the essence that makes the brand unique and relevant. Sustainability at SELLEX lies at the heart of its conception of good design. And from there, it reaches a much broader goal, becoming a philosophy, a culture. This was always to be both the starting point and the goal of our journey.

We wanted to launch our own message that would help to cultivate a dialogue with our audience, the architects. Speaking for and with them meant being able to establish an interesting dialogue, speaking their language, understanding their needs, their problems, knowing how to empathise in order to offer solutions in line with our value. How do you say "sustainability" when you speak in the language of an architect? Speaking naturally about design, we will also talk about sustainability.

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"Good architecture implies being sustainable".

Soto de Moura's words come to mind when we talk about sustainability in any project. His vision of architecture coincides with our vision of brands and is something that was in the DNA of SELLEX and how they understand design.

"Architecture doesn't have to be sustainable. Architecture, in order to be good, has to be sustainable. There can never be good architecture that is stupid. A building in which people are dying of heat inside, no matter how elegant it is, will be a failure. Concern for sustainability betrays mediocrity. You cannot applaud a building because it is sustainable. It would be like applauding it because it holds up"

Eduardo Soto de Moura, 2011 Pritzker Prize-winning architect.

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We needed a framework message that would allow us not only to say we are sustainable, but also to demonstrate it. We needed something more, a long-term commitment, to establish our own sustainable design principles. An authentic, relevant and useful story. The challenge was, beyond the message, to create a framework to energise conversations, to inspire and inspire, to share a space for exploration and learning to address the challenges of the future.

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The solution.

Beyond Design.

A message, an initiative, our declaration of principles.

Beyond Design becomes an initiative to cultivate a new, sensitive, inclusive, complex and sustainable view of design. A space for inspiration, exploration and learning to cultivate dialogue around good design. It is about broadening the gaze, introducing complexity, going beyond the obvious, intentionally breaking patterns, generating strangeness and seeking new ways to formulate thinking around design and sustainability.

We want to stimulate a new future through design, to come up with new questions that address challenges from different angles. Beyond Design is an environment of co-creation and dialogue, where we welcome the diversity of disciplines, cultures, thoughts and experiences around good design.

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