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As in so many sectors, the business of buying and selling scrap metal is transforming thanks to technology and the ScrapAd brand was born to connect both worlds: digital and real. ScrapAd is a hub that connects buyers and sellers of different waste materials for recycling and reuse, proposing a circular economy scheme. A new global technology platform that connects the world end-to-end, catalysing transactions of different materials through its digital platform.

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Conceptualising and shaping the business idea through branding.

After carrying out a study of the target at which ScrapAd will be aimed and taking into account that the scenario of this new brand and its main channel is digital, it was clear to us that the visual style had to convey direct messages to its audience. We wanted to convey to the market that ScrapAd would bring a new digital vision of business transactions in the world of scrap metal, in other words, a contribution of immediate value over other ways of doing business.

We therefore focused on three fundamental pillars to try to come up with a very figurative and functional brand: #business, #gloss (valuable material) and #ads.

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Working on the concept of the ads and with the aim of making the brand work very well in digital environments, we built a gradient transferring the idea of the "shine" of metal to the digital terrain. We also wanted to be very clear in communicating the two concepts behind the naming: "Scrap", which is how industrial waste or scrap metal is known internationally in the industry, and "Ad".

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Graphic signs of identity.

To build the new brand we relied on one of our favourite national foundries, Atipo. We chose their Silka because we wanted something that resonated with bauhaus, with industrial evolution from the geometry, from the design, but we wanted the brand to work very well in the digital realm in all sizes. We also built a very characteristic palette that would help the company to have its own personality as well as to provide greater usability when creating interfaces.

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UX design.

Each element and each message of the interface has been worked on and tested with different users to achieve a platform that is very visual and easy to use for all of them. The challenge has been to put as little information on the screen as possible so that the user can clearly identify the actions that can be performed at each stage.

By means of interactive wireframes, ScrapAd's founders and test users have been able to "use" the tool from the very early stages of its development and conceptualisation. We also used this process to define the information that will form a key part of the platform's SEO, a central element in making the ads work and be found by their target audiences.

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On a technical level, ScrapAd is connected to industry-leading APIs sharing information and integrating into a single platform dashboard.

All work and data from analytics and user monitoring, ad and material geolocation, payments, direct messaging and chats are supported by world-class platforms that have been integrated by -move's development team, in a way that is fully transparent to users and project managers without cumbersome "exits" from the platform.

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