A rebranding project with a clear objective: to bring the brand into line with what is now a reality for many companies that use .eus as a domain. PUNTUEUS is an active, brave brand, expert in technology and cybersecurity. A contemporary domain manager that wants to reach many more audiences, companies and environments. It is much more and for much more. PUNTUEUS is much more and for much more, and we needed to tell it through a new visual identity and narrative that would better connect with itself and with the world.

Welcome to a new way of being and communicating in the domain sector.

And not only that, we opened the door even wider through a clear value proposition, which would help us to reach more people, to include many more, with a phrase that evokes what everyone wants it to evoke, understanding that identity can be felt in different ways but expressed in only one, through PUNTUEUS.

"Zure espresio digitala" was a claim that also fulfilled a very important requirement for a brand that seeks to expand and reach more people, to function in the other languages in which its target audience communicates.

A new style under the same values

The first thing was to reflect on what PUNTUEUS is like and the people behind it. The research led us to four key values that, as well as defining the brand, would help PUNTUEUS at a strategic level in the future. Easily understandable and assumable values that form a body that moves forward, a contemporary brand open to change and welcoming to all.


Driven by the brand's technological territory, we opted for a dry stick google fonts typeface, from the mono family, with characteristic angles and wide letters that make it easy to read on screen, which is key for a brand that is almost entirely digital.

A vast visual universe

Based on the graphic world that our territory led us to, we developed a visual universe full of resources to create a fluid and dynamic brand that was also coherent. To the approach of our own flexible grid system that would allow us to create all kinds of supports, we added the visual resource of a variety of graphic dots that would help us to represent the diverse digital community that PUNTUEUS brings together and to solve the lack of photographic resources of a brand whose product is intangible.

Finally, this same territory of a technological and contemporary brand led us to choose a bold colour palette as PUNTUEUS and related to our digital spirit.

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