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Orbea is one of the most important bicycle brands in Europe. It produces different types of bicycles: road, mountain and touring bikes, all of them innovative models with the latest technology.

At a time when consumers were looking for a brand that was close to them, adapted to the times, with which they could maintain a fluid relationship and, above all, be able to enjoy a unique and personalised experience, Orbea made strategic decisions for the brand that have had very beneficial results for the company.

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At -move we understood this project as a brand building work from the foundations, which are those of its own story. For a brand with such a loyal user base as Orbea's, everything it says and does has to be part of the same whole. The brand, in short, becomes its main asset, its main value. With Orbea in -move we have worked more than ever on the concept of brandmakers ©, since in this brand building scenario, "think" and "make" must go hand in hand to reflect real value.

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At the centre: the user.

The key to the project is an exhaustive knowledge of the user, who can be very varied depending on how he or she uses the bicycle. A user who, while having different levels of demand and experience, shares the same passion for the sport of cycling. And this is the key to brand communication: speaking to a community that shares the same attitude.

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There's only one first.

Orbea's history is its main value, which has allowed it to become a great international brand, while maintaining its values and essence intact. Orbea has no more and no less than 175 years of history, something that not many brands can say. And this history is the basis of its brand story, a manifesto that captures Orbea's promise to its community of users.

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At -move we have participated, together with the Orbea team, in the creation of this strategy for the brand, which translates into a new identity that is increasingly reinforced in its participation in international fairs, in the creation of Campus, the brand's Concept Store in Barcelona, in its presence in renowned cycling races, in pages and pages of media with new and renewed product advertisements, in the digital world, and in the celebration of its 175th anniversary with a brand story and different communication pieces that reinforce the message and the value of the brand.

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