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Ondarreta is a family company dedicated to the design and manufacture of tables and chairs and a benchmark in the world of habitat and contract. From a commitment to a way of being and doing that has remained intact for 40 years, the brand has always been committed to reinforcing a clear path towards innovation. After a complicated period for the sector, Ondarreta needed to reinforce its brand in order to evolve and adapt to the times, taking advantage of its potential and looking towards new markets and new opportunities.

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After an audit of brand materials, going through Ondarreta's 40 years to extract the keys to its personality and projecting the bases of its future positioning, we summarised the brand's value in a concept: Ondarreta Essence.

Ondarreta Essence gathers and narrates the values and objectives of the brand and its difference: character, in-house manufacturing, 100% Basque Country design and roots, as the cornerstones of its strategy.

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A unique way of understanding design, marked by the environment, the materials, the colours and flavours of the land, are those that also make up a new graphic, aesthetic and conceptual world, which took shape both in the photographic style and in the main pieces of brand communication: catalogues, website, brand video, showrooms, fairs.

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The result of this new approach is a renewed, strong brand with its own character. Once again positioned as a national leader in home and contract furniture, and converted into an important player on an international level, where it competes with the best national and international brands. With an excellent quality-price ratio, a manufacturing and customisation service for made-to-measure and customisable pieces, a recognised and award-winning commitment to nature and sustainability..., but above all, with its own valuable and differential history. In just a few years Ondarreta has once again become one of the leading brands in contract and home furniture.

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