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ONA is a benchmark brand in the development of EDM technologies, being one of the oldest manufacturers of EDM machines in the world, the first in the European Union and one of the most important worldwide. The talent and know-how of its human team has been fundamental to achieve a leading position in the market.

The challenge for Move was to convert all this technological leadership into a fundamental part of its value proposition, defining a new and solid strategic positioning in the form of a new corporate image, new services and a new business focus.

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One main focus: we are experts

ONA's value proposition is absolutely differential in the sector, nobody has as much expertise as ONA in the world of EDM. More than 60 years of innovation and technological implementation in the development of EDM technologies. More than 14,000 machines installed. More than 60 countries on 5 continents with ONA machines... Insights conclusive enough to be able to state that the cornerstone of ONA, what gives meaning to everything they do, is EDM. They maintain a firm commitment to this technology that has allowed them to be leaders in large and special EDM machines and benchmarks in their sector yesterday, today and tomorrow.

For all these reasons, today they can say with confidence, humility and conviction: We are EDM. Using this expression as a brand promise commits them to have a specific way of being, to adopt a leadership behaviour and to continue being a reference in R&D&I. It is not only a brand claim, it is a strategic positioning to compete better, to continue being leaders in EDM.

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Four values: one brand

Four values define their way of being and are what allow them to say WE ARE EDM. Values that mean very concrete things to ONA but that above all commit them to act accordingly: Pride, Skill, Demand and Technological Talent.

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A new NAO in both substance and form

The new approach to the brand has been worked on from all points of contact between the brand and its different audiences. From a restyling of its logo and visual identity to a redefinition of the design of its products and services. The basis of its new visual system has been the reinterpretation of its corporate identity and its graphic platform (corporate identity, catalogues, presentations, clothing...) and, from that base, the new style has been applied to the whole universe of interaction channels between the brand and its audiences.

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The showroom as a new space for relations with customers and suppliers, redesign of the front face of ONA machines, CNC design with a new approach both visually and in terms of functionality, taking into account totally innovative criteria of user experience in CNCs, new corporate website with adaptations for target countries, visual style for ephemeral spaces of the brand (stands for trade fairs for example), signage projects in different production plants... A multi-channel and multi-connected universe of experiences to always transmit a single and powerful message: ONA, we are EDM.

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The ONA project has been awarded a gold LUX for its cover photographs in the series of catalogues being designed. The photographs were taken by the photographer José Luis López de Zubiria.

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