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Mormedi is a strategic design consultancy specialising in user experience innovation in the areas of service, product and digital design, led by Jaime Moreno, National Design Award winner. They have worked for clients inside and outside Spain and operating in different sectors such as Airbus, Telefónica, Philip Morris, Renfe, Repsol...

As is happening in the sector worldwide, coming from a world more linked to product design, the market is asking them to expand their methodology and area of action to provide business value. Their main objective is customer centricity, i.e. to align the conceptualisation, development and marketing of a brand's products and services with the needs and desires of customers.

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Discovering how to tell each other.

Mormedi came to us and set us a challenge: to present to Mormedi's current and potential customers all its value, work processes, capabilities and results through a website.

To do this, we started from the beginning, seeing what were the differential values of the brand, making an analysis of competition and its customers to build a website that had a new discourse and gave meaning to the Mormedi of the XXI century. We also built the Mormedi brand discourse by building parallels with other sectors and discovering values that are not necessarily developed in consultancy brands, but are part of their essence.

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Connecting the dots.

At this point everything made sense. From the brand's messages and discourse, to how it presented its case studies, how it talked about its team or the issues that inspire it and that form part of its day-to-day work. We organised the website into a very simple structure, based on the poles of interest of his clients and the strengths of the Mormedi brand. Its website is divided into 4 main sections, whose names build another sentence that tells the user where the brand is positioned: working today building the future.

The whole strategy of information design and discourse is supported by an internal construction of the platform also designed for SEO, bringing out the terms with which the brand is related and must be found.

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The short launch of the website has had a positive impact on the image that current and potential customers have of the Mormedi brand, and their feedback is key to further improvements. The website response time, average visit time and search engine presence of the brand has improved significantly since the launch of the new platform. We continue to work on the brand's digital platform and strategy, as studying the data collected on a website always connects us to our audience and poses new challenges.

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