Mondragon University

We live in a new environment where leading brands first act and then communicate. As simple as it may seem, many brands have usually done it in reverse order and are unable to generate trust in their audiences. At Mondragon Unibertsitatea we have been listening to the future for decades and then turning that listening into action, strategy, and an innovative educational model where the essence is to connect education and the real professional environment.

This is a brand narrative project , creating a universe of perceptions through a clear and unique message, which allows Mondragon Unibertsitatea to connect directly with the motivations of its audience, challenging the public to understand its difference. Branding to rethink the university of the real world, the one that educates and trains while doing, while testing, while creating, always hand in hand with the business world.

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From roots to future.

Mondragon Unibertsitatea is a brand at the forefront of educational innovation, fulfilling its commitment to generate a positive impact on people, companies and society. From Move we have helped them to specify and synthesise in a brand message and a communication plan that value proposition that is capable of telling its essence in a relevant, differential and credible way in the territory in which they want to compete in the university world, that of a university where innovation and the real world go hand in hand.

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Rethinking the University.

A university for the real world, one that teaches and trains while doing, while testing, while creating, always hand in hand with the company and its real world.

A university for people who are resolutely looking for an innovative way of training while feeling close to the reality of the company and the culture of cooperation.

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A claim to express our value proposition.

"Learning from reality" is the claim that helps us convey what Mondragon Unibertsitatea is and what it offers. It is our promise to our audiences; prepared for reality, for the real world of today and tomorrow.

It is also a university committed to the future of people, with a far-sighted, dynamic, creative, open to the world, locally connected and with an international vision. A university that knows how to identify trends and anticipate the challenges of the future through an agile and advanced model.

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