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Mary Ward Schule

"Children who start their education in 2018 will be young adults in 2030. In schools we must prepare them to perform jobs that have not yet been created, to use technologies that have not yet been invented, to solve problems that have not yet arisen" Under this premise, and guided by the concern to evolve to face the future, which Mary Ward School in San Sebastián shared with us, we began a process of reflection and transformation that for all of us, management team, teachers, students and parents, was an important boost. We wanted to transform the brand to face the future.

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Reach out, open your mind, change the world.

The challenge was to communicate the difference between the school and other options. A challenge that could be summed up in three ideas: educating in values, teaching to learn and training people for the future. These three axes, which in themselves make up a differential and unique offer, needed to be told with the same pride that all those who had lived at some point in their lives at Mary Ward told us they had felt. We needed a loud, clear and consistent message that would mean, beyond a few words, a roadmap for being, working, learning and educating.

That triple maxim would become a statement of intent and a promise to all who are part of the school's educational community: Reach out. Open our minds. Change the world.

Because these three ideas are, together, the ones that value what we have always been, what we are and what we want to be in the future as a brand, as a community.

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Our brand, a reflection of our identity.

In the same way that the school itself respects the essence of each person, planting in them the seeds of affection, creativity, enthusiasm and critical spirit, at -move we had the opportunity to provide Mary Ward School with a conceptual and graphic definition so that they can in turn open up to the world with a new, clear and defined voice.

A system of simple geometric shapes has been created to help create a syntax that allows the school to communicate in a multitude of different media, supported by a clear geometric typeface that adds clarity to the whole.

Our brand is a reflection of its values and we represent this in the logo and throughout the visual world we created for Mary Ward. A colourful, open, emphatic and modular brand. A brand that from the MW of our initials, flies, resonates, transcends.

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A universe of brand communication.

The important thing about creating a solid brand is that the strategic axes are not just words or messages: they are tools to build our own universe. Our claim helps us not only to tell our difference but also to work on behaviours and attitudes. And in this case, Reach out / Open your mind / Change the world also helped us to organise the communication from our website based on our strong ideas. A way of discovering the school while at the same time internalising its personality.

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Being on the outside and on the inside.

To dress up our brand and our values and to do so in line with our identity: we are of all colours, we are inclusive, creative, optimistic, bright and colourful but tidy and clean. We are in Donostia, near the centre, but surrounded by nature. Outdoor and green spaces and unique sports areas are an essential value of this school. We wanted to reinforce our identity where the school is most alive. So we branded our new image on the outside walls of our building, to give value and visibility to our brand. And we also reinforced our own identity in the interior space, our home, with messages that are read and internalised by all those who inhabit the space every day.

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The Mary Ward experience is the main asset of this brand. To enhance and share it, we implemented a digital strategy to raise awareness and increase the visibility of the school and to get people to register for the Open Day. Not only did we achieve a considerable increase in online impacts, visitors to the website and a considerable increase in the number of registered students, but we also managed to increase the interest in the school among the people of San Sebastian and the surrounding area, make the school visible to those who did not know us, place Mary Ward in the minds of potential families and the ecosystem of schools in the area and strengthen the feeling of belonging to our community.

And to celebrate, we all went to La Concha beach and from there, we shouted to the world: #yosoydelmary!

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Here, we love you.

For the enrolment campaign for the new academic year, the objective was to call for action in a natural way, to reinforce our presence and to tell about our values. We wanted to give a clear and strong message: Mary Ward opens the doors, and the heart.

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