Loreak Mendian

Combining the new context of the brand and its ambition to reach a new awareness of the target public, we give shape to the new culture that seems to be beginning to prevail in cities, a new way of living and enjoying them: the smart-urban culture is born, where design and smart consumption are a priority and an attitude towards life.

In 2020 he joined the Ternua Group and the need arose to reposition and rethink all these values in order to align them with the group's strategic axes: design, functionality/technicality, sustainability. In this way, the brand also approaches an urban public that is more aware of functionality, the life of its garments and the way they are manufactured.

From -move we have helped to shape this new stage of this fashion brand 100% design, 100% conscience, 100% functional.

case coleccion loreakmendian_2x paredsol recurso lm
recurso smarturban case lm loreakmendian_2x
loreakmendian_2x newcollectionduo coleccion recurso case lm

The brand becomes a transformer of technology into functionality, creativity into singular design, naturalness into sustainability. Loreak Mendian is now leading a transformation movement to live and dress cities: living creativity, creating design that works, acting ethically and thinking in terms of the city. There is a new way of living urban spaces and there are people who want to enjoy and live them in this way.

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We verbalised a new brand purpose, a new value proposition and new values that will serve as the backbone to define our discourse and that will be reflected in the product and communication of the new Loreak Mendian.

All of this is crystallised in a statement that serves as a banner to represent all of the above and articulate our storytelling: "Form elevated to function".

lm case formelevatedtofunction_2x
case 1 lm imagen_2x formelevatedtofunction

The visual and narrative universe of the new Loreak Mendian.

We conceptualised a new way of communicating to stage this change of positioning and internal brand culture. In terms of discourse, taking into account the target audiences, we gave shape to a new way of telling our core themes: Design, Functionality and Sustainability. We differentiate the segments within our audience to modulate the discourse and make Loreak Mendian relevant to each and every one of them. Graphics: discourse, audience levels, etc.

We also shape a whole graphic universe to solve the different communication pieces that a fashion brand faces today: catalogues, lookbooks, website, newsletters, social networks... We conceptualise the historical contraposition of concepts in the world of design form - function with recognisable and unequivocal features: how we use colour, image and typography becomes the tool to graphically conceptualise our discourse:

loreak mendian case presentacion lm
lm animacion logo case loreakmendian 01
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case loreak lm 1 mendian stationery
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With all these tools we transform the way of communicating and provide a solution to another of the brand's ambitions: to show its new goals and objectives in its discourse. In collaboration with the brand, we also shape the new images of looks and collections to convey the product. In this operation and in terms of content, we also take up the elements of the previous trajectory that continue to be important assets to reach our audience.

lm case photography_2x
posters case mendian loreak lm fw21
02_2x photography case lm

In the digital field we also make these new contents and ingredients to be communicated clear. In the urban segment, brands that sell "product only" are no longer relevant, so we transform their channels into mere "showcases" of the collection and product to give a glimpse of the new positioning, goals and purposes of the new Loreak Mendian.

loreak lm redesign case mendian_2x web

For a fashion brand, the experience at the point of sale is a determining factor. In the same way and in a process currently under construction, the aim is to transform these spaces so that they once again become the home of the smart-urban community. To achieve this, we must impregnate them with culture, sharing, giving and receiving inputs and making Loreak Mendian a differential brand that seduces and connects.

poster case mendian loreak lm dot
lm mendian 06_2x loreak tiendas case
loreak lm tiendas mendian 01_2x case
case loreak lm 05 tiendas mendian

The Donostian margarita returns

The legacy of Loreak Mendian is notorious and differential, the brand was the "author" of the famous margarita that made an impact in the 2000s in the Basque Country and a good part of the national territory with some powerful incursions in international markets. This year the margarita has re-emerged for its 25th anniversary, recalling the beginnings of the brand in Calle Mari. It was and is a symbol of modernity, culture, friendliness, good vibes... a distinctive sign in which the community saw itself reflected and recognised each other.

camiseta case 01 lm margarita
loreakmendian lm callemari primeratienda case
margarita post ss21
margarita 02 lm case camiseta

Throughout its history, the brand has forged culture and links with organisations that have catalysed its impact on an increasingly large and varied audience. The brand unites surf, fashion, culture, music, art... through powerful collaborations that are still a source of inspiration: Surfilm Festibal, Vans, Camper, Sonar Music Festival, Boinas Elósegui... This spirit is maintained and reflected in collaborations such as that of Orbea. Local+local & crossover of interests = win/win.

orbea colaboracion case lm

Teamwork is dreamwork.

Accompanying Ternua Group in this new adventure has been a great challenge and shaping this journey has only been possible thanks to the close collaboration between the Loreak Mendian team and -move. The brand is expanding into new markets and audiences thanks to its new positioning after a period of logical transition, armed with a new strategy, discourse and graphics.

Great projects are formed when we manage to exploit and expand the know-how of the people who belong to the Ternua Group and Loreak Mendian, contributing our methodological and conceptual knowledge. We continue to intensively support the new Loreak Mendian, in the generation of content, graphics and digital strategies.