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La Fenestra

We approach this project from a double vision: the union of the virtual world with the physical world. The alliance between talented emerging designers looking for visibility and the growing interest of a group of consumers who are looking for unique, different garments that adapt to their way of being. That is La Fenestra. A sales platform of global reference for quality fashion, special, different and with its own style. Its difference lies in the omnichannel experience, which combines the best of the online world with the exclusivity of physical presence in spectacular showrooms in key cities.

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Our attitude.

Imagine a space where women will always find different and unique things, and where the experience also transcends the clothing: because they will be able to get to know the creators, the history of the garment and its materials.

An attitude based on 3 pillars. A manifesto that gathers the key ideas of our project, which should always be there, breathing, feeling, making us be in a unique and constant way, always. At one end (the soul, the essence, the interior): the commitment to a sincere, close, authentic way of being. In the centre, style: what moves us. Doing things with detail, with care, always looking for unique and quality garments, talented designers. And always, always, freedom: to be able to be the way we want to be, the way we feel better, the way we look better... because we are unique, we are ourselves.

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La Fenestra is all the soul, style and freedom of a great team: Inés Larrea, founder and CEO and Ignacio López Monje, COO at La Fenestra. The former embarked on this adventure after her time at CH Carolina Herrera, driven by her passion for emerging design. Ignacio has been dedicated to procedural law and advising entrepreneurs, focusing on fashion after his MBA at ISEM and joined Inés to give shape to this project.

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La Fenestra brings you closer to a different style: not only of dressing, but also of shopping. A style of your own that you share with a community of creators and people who enjoy fashion in the same way as you do. A place with all the good things about online presence, and the most valuable things about physical sales. We open a window to new contemporary style proposals to discover, to live new adventures, to make and remake, to share and enjoy your own way of being: yours.

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We created a different, unique and personal style for La Fenestra, just like its essence. The typography, the chromatic range, the textures, the images... everything is designed to reflect the essence of a brand with style, which takes care of the details to offer a different experience.

La Fenestra will soon be launched to the world, but beforehand we have worked on materials that explain what the experience is like, how it works and why it is truly unique. The e-shop and the first showrooms of the brand will be online soon.

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