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Komorebi Motoclothing

Komorebi is one of those words that have no translation in any other language. It means, literally, a ray of sunlight coming through the leaves of the trees... That is the feeling that prevails when designing their garments, when choosing the materials they choose to create them: freedom, authenticity, seduction, passion..

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Fashion and motorbikes.

We went through their first journey with the creators of the brand: a complete Design Thinking process with which we managed to extract the keys to the project in a different way to words.

Thus, we arrived at what is today their brand, their name: KOMOREBI MOTOCLOTHING, a name that not only tells us a story, but also allows us to live it.

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From storytelling to storyliving.

From there, everything took its course: stories, packaging, labels, website, events,... And best of all, Move's relationship with a high fashion clothing brand that follows sustainable production patterns, respectful of the materials and the people who make them. Because Komorebi produces only with Spanish craftsmen, with high quality fabrics chosen one by one by them. Because at the heart of the brand is a commitment to sustainability and honesty: to make the brand truly unique and different.

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A project that hooked us from the beginning because of what it wanted to be and that forced us to put strategy, design and creativity into it in order to achieve a result that was faithful to a very clear philosophy.

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