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Attracting talent is one of the greatest opportunities for brands to become true drivers of innovation, to create real differential value. How to do so is a challenge as exciting as it is complex, for which it is necessary to reflect on one's own way of being, the corporate culture, the values projected by the recruiting brands themselves. Because conveying a coherent and valuable image is also the secret to attracting those professionals who fit with what we are and project what we want to be.

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Join Fashion is the brand with which Inditex managed this talent and on which it asked us to reflect in order to convey a solid and coherent message in its different communication media, mainly in the digital medium.

For several weeks, we moved to the Inditex headquarters in Arteixo to work on a strategic and creative reflection on key questions about the Join Fashion brand, the Inditex brand itself as a recruiting brand and how to convey these messages on the new website that the Inditex HR team was creating.

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The result.

A report of conclusions with different strategic and creative paths, as well as different conceptual routes and user experience maps, graphic proposals and content writing that sought to reinforce the Join Fashion Inditex brand. An intense work on which the HR team of the brand was based to make decisions in the project of remodelling the Join Fashion website, currently Inditex Careers.

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