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IDOKI, SCF TECHNOLOGIES, is a cutting-edge scientific laboratory that bases its work on the research and development of products based on Supercritical Fluid technology, a cutting-edge, 100% clean and sustainable technology that extracts the essence of raw materials in a pure and effective way. Based on this technology, IDOKI develops and markets hygiene products, cosmetics and food supplements with proven action. Research and nature at the service of health.

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In its purest form.

From the "strategic deconstruction" to the strong idea we arrived at in -move, the pure state has guided us in building the personality and identity of IDOKI. Its way of being, its appearance, its colours, its messages, its difference... We changed its name to return to its origins, to the name that baptised the company: IDOKI, which in Basque means to extract, to bring out the essence. And that is what we did.

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We turned purity into the essence of the brand. In its pure state, a powerful idea that became the claim and the raison d'être of IDOKI. Balance, purity, effective health, quality, clean and sustainable technology, in values and driving forces of its identity and communication.

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