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The Hakei brand was born from the effort and dedication of a family dedicated to the world of leather and fashion since 1946. They have shops all over the peninsula located in the main cities and their product range is divided between accessories, footwear and clothing. At its core is the rapid adaptation of its collection to what the market demands, for which it needs to make use of a powerful digital platform. For the brand, the new digital repositioning project means reaching maturity in the digital universe, having been able to make a strategic analysis based on the figures provided by its previous digital platform.

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This project also involved giving the brand a slight makeover, but one that had a lot of meaning. The corporate maroon, used for years, remained stagnant to coexist alongside designs, images and collections at the speed imposed by the world of fashion in the digital environment. Together with the Hakei design team, Hakei took the step of choosing black to represent its brand, which fits better with all the combinations of materials, styles and colours that occur around it.

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Digital maturity.

Tackling a project that has a background in the digital world puts us in a more advanced position and with the power to make decisions based on the behaviour of the people who use the platform. Data analysis and user experience feedback from the previous platform, which had been online for two years, focused the challenges of the project: reorienting content to user interests and designing a responsive shopping experience. On the one hand, this data told us about the interests and preferences of the people browsing the site, making it clear that the site functioned much more like an online shop than a corporate site. On the other hand, analysing browsing habits over the last year shows a very rapid growth in the use of mobile devices, so building a mobile shopping and browsing experience is essential.

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All of the above has taken the Hakei brand into another world of the digital environment and improved the way its users learn about, interact with and purchase the product. The website is connected to the company's management systems so that new products appear immediately online. This coupled with the improved mobile experience not only has a huge impact on online sales but also has a huge impact on sales in the physical shops.

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