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Fagor Industrial

Fagor Industrial is an example of the new approach that industrial companies have been able to give to their brand management.

It is a brand with solid communication, based on a clear and well-defined value proposition, a coherent visual style that reinforces its professional positioning. A brand that has been able to adapt to the times while maintaining global values and also drawing on the local attributes of each country in which it is present.

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A new style under new values

At -move we have accompanied the evolution of this brand with history, which after opening factories all over the world but without a defined brand strategy at a global level, today works focused on what makes them different: evolving together with their customers and offering a differential value to the hospitality professional. Together we evolve summarises and builds the maxim that defines its spirit, marked by three key values. Together: joint effort. We: talented people. Evolve: spirit of evolution.

A maxim represented in a visual style that is coherent with its promise: professional and functional, with a clear and attractive style for its customers and which reinforces its positioning as a leading and benchmark brand.

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...let's keep on growing!

During these years of relationship, Fagor Industrial has been growing and we have also helped in parallel projects as a result of this growth. A new business group, Onnera Group, has been created, all the other brands in the group have been repositioned, such as Edesa, Efficold, Danube and we are working on...

A living project in which we continue to work on making the brand grow, both from a strategic approach (naming, concepts, product launch strategies), and in the activation of the brand in its points of contact with the customer (design, communication, events, fairs, services...).

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