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Etxepare Euskal Institutua

In its ten years of history, Etxepare Euskal Institutua, a public entity created with the aim of promoting and publicising Basque language, culture and creation internationally, has evolved to reach new places and new audiences.

An unprecedented evolution that required the brand to match the institution. To this end, together with part of the Etxepare team, we began a period of discovery and built a new and inspiring identity with the aim of aligning the brand strategy with a new visual and narrative style.

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A value proposition almost 500 years old.

In "Jalgi hadi mundura", the verse of the poem Kontrapas written by Bernat Etxepare in 1545, many of the brand values (motivations, aspirations, identity) are reflected.

We have taken up the spirit of these verses to incorporate them into the value proposition in a direct, easy, memorable and contemporary way.

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A voice that connects worlds.

Etxepare Euskal Institutua, with a clearly open-minded character towards the world, comfortably settles in the territory of an explorer brand. A lively, luminous and dynamic institution, whose aim is to promote connections between creators, it deserved to tell who it was and to do so in a personal and unique tone of voice.

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A visual universe made system.

The use of colour, typography, graphics and images with which the institute was to communicate, the way in which these were to be applied, the use of space, as well as the new expression of the logo, make up the system that helps Etxepare Euskal Institutua to tell its story and shape the perception that people have of us, from our collaborators to the general public.

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A visual system to transmit all the Basque cultural energy.

The visual system of Etxepare Euskal Institutua is inspired by windows, which is why we call it the "Leihoak system". Through them, the subject connects with the object, the exterior with the interior, the house with the world... In the same way that Etxepare Euskal Institutua connects creators with the world and amplifies their echo in the global cultural exchange. Windows become a recurring element, a visual key that contributes to making communication unitary and recognisable through their use in all kinds of media, adapting their shape and size to the needs of the content.

Many ways of telling the same story.

A visual system that allows the Euskal Etxepare Institutua to connect effectively with its public, through any medium necessary, and of course, that gives it the opportunity to continue to successfully transmit who they are and why they are so important within the Basque cultural and international framework.

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