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Cometel is a family business that has been designing and manufacturing turnkey solutions for the transport and treatment of swarf, stamping offcuts and waste for more than 30 years. A company that was clear that the future has to be constantly earned, so, with the generational change just around the corner, they decided to make the most of what they had to drive the brand towards a future full of opportunities.

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A great brand behind a great factory.

A brand that takes on the challenge of branding to demonstrate two things: on the one hand, that they are alive, that growing and renewing themselves is their challenge for the future. On the other, that they have a lot to say: because they design and manufacture intelligent solutions. They are not just a factory, they are much more: an engineering company with experienced and talented people, capable of changing the course of their own history.

Thus, focusing together on the factors that fully influenced the project and placing them in the context of the brand was vital, allowing us to land and agree on their real needs in the coworking sessions in order to give each one the necessary relevance within the process. A job in which the brand's confidence in the branding work, in the why and what for, allowed Cometel to make the project their own at all levels.

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From where we are, forward.

A maxim that helped us to define the territory in a clear way: IMPULSE. Impulse because it commits them and projects them towards the future to do things better, to continue accompanying their clients, to find intelligent solutions that motivate... A new exciting Cometel that we flooded with yellow to reflect the joy we wanted, and which we accompanied with a graphic image, typography and use of symbols that coherently fulfilled this VITALITY.

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And that vitality, in turn, we translated it into a concept that closed it all, giving it a complete meaning, both for the brand itself and for its customers. A clear, direct and effective concept that makes its true commitment real: LET'S MAKE IT!

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In this way, we were highlighting, on the one hand, the Know How of a brand with so many years of experience, and on the other, the guarantee of its products, its style of service and the vitality of its entire team, ready to face the opportunities of the future with success.

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A project that the brand made its own at all times, taking decisions related to product, image or the very look&feel of the factory, which have shown its confidence in branding to walk along a corporate path full of positivism.

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