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Our first Move Adventures project could not be more stimulating and challenging, to be part of the creation of a brand that wants to completely change the way of flying from San Sebastian. A new flat-fare airline on flights from San Sebastian to Madrid or Barcelona, revolutionising the way people fly.

Sharing is changing the world. We are living at a time when collaborating means adding an economy of responsible consumption to the economy of production and, in doing so, making it possible for people who have the same needs to come together to satisfy them in a more efficient, ethical, innovative and forward-looking way.

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Welcome to Boga.

Boga is a new way of flying: sharing flights, experiences, connections and needs. Sharing and being part of something bigger that makes our lives easier, simpler, more comfortable and, in doing so, opens up a world of different and advantageous possibilities every time.

To row, to sail, to sail the clouds and to fly... free. To bogar is to move as you have never moved before, and to arrive. And you know that you never bogar alone... To bogar is to always have a reserved space in the sky to occupy whenever you want. It's having a flat rate of flights per month and boarding without waiting, knowing who you're flying with and, when you're done... flying again.

That's why the idea of Boga was never to be just another airline, but to launch a company that would unite people who need to fly a lot to Madrid or Barcelona and, even more, who need to fly from San Sebastian.

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Fly more, fly better.

And not only that, but they can also do it for a Flat Fare that allows them to fly as much as they want per month. A project that turns passengers into Business Flyers, becoming part of a community that connects them with each other and generates bonds of trust between them, interesting relationships and common advantages around the same solved needs. That is living today: sharing, connecting, organising and seeking efficiency. That is exactly what it means to fly into the future. That is what Boga is all about. Fly more, fly better.

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It's not an airline, it's a community of Flyers

Being part of Boga means joining a community of Flyers looking to fly from San Sebastian to Madrid and Barcelona in a simple, comfortable and intelligent way. A community that makes it possible for people with the same needs to come together and solve them in a more efficient, ethical, innovative and forward-looking way. A basic premise of the brand is to help its Flyers optimise their time as much as possible and turn it into quality time. To achieve this, the entire user experience before, during and after the flight has been taken into account, optimising through technology the time that a Flyer spends contracting, cancelling and managing their flights or their Boga services. A digital native brand for a new way of flying in a digital world. The brand image is totally linked to technology, and its corporate colours play and mutate with the weather in the different destination cities.

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A project in the take-off phase.

A revolution in the way of flying that, due to the interest shown by future Business Flyers, and the limited number of places available to become a member, will take off earlier than expected with its first San Sebastian-Madrid route (planned for 2017).

For any further information about this project you can go directly to the website or send an email to