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Every story is born from a dream, and Azkoyen's story is born from that of its founder, who one day dreamt of automating the unimaginable.

Since then, Azkoyen has been on the market for more than 70 years. And today, Azkoyen has transformed itself. It has changed its skin to one that speaks better of itself, while maintaining the essence that has made its legacy possible.

The challenge of this project consisted of bringing the brand up to the level of its business, seeking excellence and achieving a positioning that would allow the brand to rise to a Premium segment, to project all the internal potential that was not being communicated: the attitude of a team always in search of solutions, the passion for simplicity, good design, the vocation for technological innovation. A challenge as big as it was exciting, which led us to discover that simplicity can also be exquisite.

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Transforming to keep growing

Azkoyen is a brand that has grown over time, but has been smart enough to maintain its essence and transform itself, repositioning its brand in the right place for its business.


Defining our essence

The essence of Azkoyen is to make the complex simple, to convert sophisticated technology into an almost intuitive gesture. It is simplicity, style, know-how, savoir-faire. It is, quite simply, to leave a good taste in the mouth.

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Azkoyen simplicity

The art of simplicity at Azkoyen is accumulated expertise, a vision of the future and a commitment to design and human technology. A simplicity that, in the case of Azkoyen, becomes exquisite through the values that permeate the day-to-day life of the brand and its people.


But being simply exquisite goes far beyond the product. Being simply exquisite is an attitude, an intention, the way in which you present yourself to the world

It is a question of colours, perspectives, lights, shapes, shades...

It was time to show ourselves as we truly are.

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That's why we worked to elevate the brand to where it deserved to be. We combined two contrasting typographies to create the contrast of a brand with history and future, with soul and mind. A typeface that provides elegant, mature, noble nuances with personality (Wulkam Display) and a more ordered and reticular typeface (Myriad) that provides clarity, order and neatness.

Pleasure and proximity, innovation and excellence united.

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Surrounding images, subtle lighting and new perspectives in our product photography that, together with a renewed narrative identity, help Azkoyen to transmit sensations and not just products, to position itself as a provider of experiences and not just services, and to continue to grow from its essence, now even more competitively.

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